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You best jump far

I had a major asthma attack today. The reason is because some idiot decided to spray about a gallon of perfume in the call center. Reeked beyond belief. I felt like my throat was gonna close and I couldn't catch my breath. =(

Other then that, my day was peachy.


That's awful! I hate when people use way too much perfume, I get asthma attacks from it, too. I hope you feel better.
Eeeek! :/ Hope you're okay now, sweet.
Hi! Who was the "idiot" who sprayed perfume? Is it anyone I know? Anyway, hope you had your inhaler with you, and hope you are much better now. *hugs you*
the idiot was one of the callbackers- I don't think I've ever mentioned her...
The idiot should be trialed for attempted murder!! Bastards. Excessive perfume spraying should be illegal and punishable by law. Or by me.