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Juilet base by nothing_to_say


Lookie what I did. Innit pretteh?

I love tutorials.

Must thank the ever lovely nothing_to_say for the Juilet base.


Wow. o.o

How did you do that?
I used this tutorial. it took me a bit, cuz I accidently kept skipping a step, but it's really is easy.
Oooh. Dah. It's not PS friendly. *meepish* I have PSP7, but I don't use it as much because I don't know as well as PS. :\
I'm having way too much with psp8.

I'm getting so much better at my icon making skills, thanks to some very lovely tutorials.
Beautiful!!!!...Just saw your newest icon....so pretty....and love how it sparkles....You are doing so good with your icons!....*sends love*
Thank you ma.