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You best jump far

RIP - Rick James

Anyhoo- I am probably the only person who gets locked in their own house. I tried for five minutes to open my door this morning to get to work this morning. I can't figure it out. I finally had to leave via my fire exit...

I had a lot of compliments at work today. I like being called nice. Considering I'm a bitch.


Rick James dead?!? Holy shit...
Yeah - heard that this morning. How sad, really. :/

As for you being a bitch - no you're not. You're nice and sweet to me! :D
*Ponders the idea of calling into work tomorrow...saying I'm locked IN my house!*

I wonder if they'd excuse that absence??!

As for you being a bitch, two things:

1) I have not seen bitchy you, just nice you.

2) There is NOTHING wrong with being a bitch though. I'm proud to be one! LOL
I get locked in my own bathroom about once every 2 months, if it makes you feel better.

reason: old house, warped doors, funky old locks. ;)