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So today was my first day working the exhibit. I was nervous. but once I got going.. it was great. I had such fun. I worked the metalurgy cart. I had to explain to everyone from five year old kids to 70 year old perverted men (yes perverted, but I'll you about that in a second) how to get from a rock of iron ore to steel that makes swords. Sounds boring, but I loved doing it.

So that perverted guy... there were like five college aged girls around my cart and this old guy walks up and he standing between two of them. While I'm talking he leans in closer to, what I thought was to get a better look at the iron on the cart. NO. he's peeking down the girls tops.. I heard one saying as she walked away that the guy started rubbing her ass.

That's Boston for ya.

I love it.


I need to get tix for the exhibit! How long are you working there?

Also heard anything else about Sean's signing?
I'm there until the end in October.

Oh yeah, Sean. Most I found out today was that you don't need tickets to the exhibit to be at the signing. Which was everyone's big question. He'll be there from roughly 10am to 5pm but may stay later on Friday Oct 15th
Oh so you can just show up either day then? The Saturday will probably be when I go. I can't wait.
A 70-year-old man rubbing a college girl's ass?