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I'm having a rare day

Just random stuff about my day.

Did you know the United States is a herm@phadite? Seriously.

Think about it.

Florida is the peni$, Massachusetts is the tit$ and California is the a$s. The Gulf of Mexico would be the v@gina and it seems fitting that New Orleans would be the g-$pot.

Is it weird that the hurricane is named Charley. and Dom's character in Lost is named Charlie?

There is a hurricane people. There's 100 mile per hour winds and you're worried about film.

I'm a sucker for an accent, mostly British and Southern. I tend to be extra nice to those of the male persuasion with a nice accent. Even when their name is Miryn Snoddy.

However, just because you have a famous name, doesn't mean I'll treat you special. Nicole Ritchie was a real b*tch. Called me names. =( At least Don Johnson tried to flirt me up.

It's 2004 damn it. Not 19.99. No matter what anyone tells you.

Chimpmunks don't weigh much.

ooh, a tree.

No, auntie Rita I don't see pink elephants. The ones I see are yellow with purple spots.

It's just started to rain. No. Really it has.

Pull up your pants, I don't want to know what color your underwear is.


The fishies eyes popped out. It's all gooey and covered with lint now.

Yes, I do have stamps. No, you can't have one.

Stop bothering me. I don't get paid to train you.

I still think Julia Child was born a man.

We are not mind readers, if you don't say you want something, how the f*ck are we supposed to know.

It's almost over.

Do you read the fine print?

I can't believe I miss coo coo birdie.

blah blah blah. yadda yadda yadda.

It's Friday. I'm out.

I hate firewalls.

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