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You best jump far

I suck totally at making layouts. I can't make layers and I don't understand the tutorials. So I'm back with basic black again.

Unless someone wants to make me a kick ass layout.

*eyes friends list*


Sometimes a nice colour scheme does it for me. It's nice an clean and good for those lazy days. (see my layout).

Or I could make one for ya, but I'm doing a lot of things at the mo so it would take a while XD
Is there anything in particular you want for your layout?
Well that's just it- I don't know exactly. I want a new style. Something still dark but with pretty brushes and maybe a collage of small Dom pictures littering the page and a funky little nav bar. I like the styles where the journal is in it's little window.

Whaddya think?
Hmmm, okay. Let me know what photos and colors you want to use and I'll see what I can do. ^_^