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You best jump far

Dude, who's messing with the user info. Linkies go bad.



ptf yours too? I really hope it's just a glitch. I really do. At first I thought it was someone hacking in my account. But I now have it better.

You might have to go through every code through a private blog or something to see which one it is. I had to do that.
I think that LJ has been doing hiccups lately, since I have been trouble getting comments notifications. :\ I think they are doing maintanence this week... blah. I just hope this time it's not going to happen like it did last time, which is not too long ago...
Genius LJ bastards to do some maintenance now or whatever! >:(
Yeah, LJ fucked with mine too. *Shakes fist*
It irks me. You know especially since all that crap a few months ago.

Sadly I can't live without my livejournal.