July 8th, 2003

You best jump far

Almost time for bed

Well another day down. work was ok- Amanda didn't freak like I thought she would - which is good. She seemed to actually like what I've done. I got the wash-out blue color for my hair and I put it only on my bangs. But I forgot the primary color rules of art. Yellow and blue make green. So, since my hair has taken on this odd orangey yellow shade and that with the blue color- I had green bangs- I actually think- we might skip purple streaks and try to find green color . I really liked it. will do it again tomorrow- since the stuff is wash-out.

Sorry to babble. I'm in a up mood today. Again been posting like crazy at L&BA. I hardly got any real work done today. If my boss ever finds out- he'll have my head. Sean has been watching me post. He has suggested a 10 step program to recovery. He said he'd write up the ten steps and give them to me tommorrow. I can't wait to see what he's got planned. However I do fear for my Dominic pictures hanging on my cubby walls. I fear that Sean might try and steal them. he took my fish once- I didn't like that.

Frodaish suggested using avatars in my posts.. I'll work on that tommorrow.
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