July 20th, 2003

You best jump far

my friend Kim

I am so turned off the idea of having children right now. i spent the night at my friend's house. She has three kids. 1 spent the night at her mother's house, but the two youngest were still there. which wasn't really all that bad, but the middle child Johnny- is a whiny little bastard. He's 3. he's cute as a button when he's not whining- which isn't very often. He cried almost all day today. He's scared of loud noises and people touching his hair. The area where my friend lives, there's a lot of motorcycles- and everytime he hears one- he freaks. His father rides a dirt bike- and he freaked when he took off for the quarries.
I did still manage to have a good time yesterday. Got shitfaced- really shit faced- which I haven't done in quite a while. had almost the whole 5th of rum by myself. Kim makes strong rum and cokes. then her husband made me the last one- that did me in. We played cards till about midnight and then went to bed.
I still can't find my remote control for my dvd player. which is pissing me off- because I can't watch the appendices on LOTR. I can't play any special feeatures on anything- because I can't scroll down. Irks me to no end. I think remotes should have the same thing cordless phone do- a pager that beeps to help locate the damn thing.
I think my fish is dying- he's been acting really strange the last few days. I think he has ick. I've had him for well over five years, so I'lll be extremely upset if he dies. He belonged to my ex- I called him to let him know- not to be surprised if I call him in a day or so to say Jack died. I felt bad- cuase I had to leave a voice mail message. I told him- I don't want to be held responsible if he dies- I do what i'm supposed to do. Kenny's supposed to clean the tank. the tank is filthy. I'm afraid to do it now- because of the way Jack has been behaving. I'm afraid I'd kill him if I tried to clean the tank.
So that was my weekend- how was yours?