July 31st, 2003

You best jump far


Sean is gonna buy my old computer. -Instead of tranfering the old files- I now have to remove them completely. Which isn't so bad- till you remember how much crap you've actually saved to the computer. I'm gonna give my old monitor to my mom, because fuking Sean's too cheap to buy off me. Still $500 is $500.

Work sucked- except for a moment of absolute giggles when I mimicked the boss and Sean didn't warn me she's was coming up behind me. She didn't catch me- or at least she didn't acknowledge me. I think she's scared of me now. Ever since I started coloring me hair- blue streaks, now blonde, Summer's here and all she can see is my tattoos.

One more day till vacation. Just gotta get through tomorrow. I should just say scre it and take tomorrow off- But I know that would piss Sean off- THen- he'd have to wait till Friday for his computer- my computer- whatever..

I gotta get to Best Buy tomorrow. HAve to trade in this stupid wireless connection thingie- it don't fucking work. Or at least I can't get it too work. According to the idiots at the help desk- I've done everything right- it must be a hard ware problems. Assholes. Yeah-- you're fucking hardware.

I think that's it for now. Gotta go take a shower- watch the ROTK trailer a few times to see if that really is Merry and Pip in the battlefield shot.
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