August 2nd, 2003

You best jump far

Deep Impact

I can't believe I haven't been online almost all day. I made like five posts at the most. If that. Wow. I post my fan fic. Eeks. I'm afraid to read the reactions. I don't know why. I gotta check out that video. I just remembered that was posted. I went to walmart. I so want a digital camera.I think I might buy one tommorrow. Especially now that Sean paid for my computer= now his.

I dont know why- But I was in an Elijah mood today.I watched The Faculty and Deep Impact. I forgot how sad that movie was. Both them comet movies can make me cry. Bastards.

I'm on vacation- Yippee fucking doo da...
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You best jump far

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good morning or afternoon- whatever the case may be. I don' t really have much to add since last night. I bought this cute little tiny mouse for my laptop and it came with a seperate number pad. It's cute. I think I'm gonna buy a digital camera today. I think I will. I'm pretty sure I will. I just gotta get to the store.