August 10th, 2003

You best jump far


This heat is gonna kill me. Well maybe just the humidty.

Amanda's shower was great. It was at this restaurant that had five floors. The fifth floor was were we ate. Brunch. Decent food. My indulgence was a mimosa. Yumm. We watched from a unique vantage point a quick thumder storm. The gift unwrapping session was on the fourth floor. Amanda got lot of nice things. They played shower bingo. Eah person got a piece of paper and a pen adn she opened each gift. We had to mark off on the paper if it was on our list. Thoe who got the five in a row, diagnal and whatnot got a special gift. I didn't win. Still had fun.

Watched Taxi Driver for the first time yesterday. What a fucked up movie that was.

Poor Sean had been running his A/C so much,. The compressor iced over. Which when we finally figured it out- it was time for bed. Which meant almot every fan in the house was turned on me.As I was the guest. I feel special.

It's been a long day. and it's still not over.

I get my color tomorrow. Yippee.

I know- yet another boring entry from Lala's life....

Random Froda Production. Check it out. --- She kills me. :P
You best jump far

Hey there big boy

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Lotrboy Dating Service by dreaminaway
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That's what I call a package deal!!

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that is all. I didn't feel a need to go further.

Linked thru Mindmangler's post.
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