August 18th, 2003

You best jump far

another day in paradise

Something got to give. Usually it's me. I'm gonna break soon. I know it. I haven't been in a good fight in a while. I'm trying not to let people piss me off, but it's not easy to let things roll off my shoulders anymore. Kenny taught me to be a fighter, that's the one thing good I can say about him.

So anyway this fucking douche bag nearly runs me over in the parking lot at the grocery store. Then the bitch has the guts to park next to me. her boyfriend gets out of the car and slams his door against mine. Fucking brand new car- fucking paint chipped. I said to the guy- he could at least say he was sorry. Fucker turned around to me and gave me the finger. That's ok. We'll see how they like the broken side mirror and long key scratch down the side of their door.

I get home and some asshole is parked in my spot. again. I wait. Like I always do. Of course by now I'm aggravated. The guy finally comes out of the store and gets in his car. He sees me. I know he saw me. and he proceeds to just sit in his car scratching tickets. Ok. I'm patient, but I got frozen food slowly defrosting in my trunk. I get out of the car and tap on his window. I point to the RESERVED PARKING sign right in front of him and say guess who it's reserved for? - Me. Now move. he grumbled something - I think he called me a bitch. So he throws his car into reverse and wouldn't you know, he backed into my car. Thank god- there was no damage. But that just pissed me off even more.

At work my computer kept crashing. my voice mail is all screwed up. I have writers group tomorrow and nothing new written. the only good things about today are that I got my postcards that I ordered and Sweet Pea went to Billy's play and got pictures.
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