August 19th, 2003

You best jump far

The Weight

Writers' group cancelled this month. I'm actually kinda glad. I had nothing prepared. Means I get to go home tonight. Yippee.

I have no other news. God I need a life...
You best jump far

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Today was a better day. Nothing annoying (well nothing enough to push me closer to the edge) happened. As I mentioned previously - writer's group was cancelled. I've been posting like mad on L&BA. Like there isn't other things I could be doing. Sometimes though I just need that connection.

I had a lot of energy today. I tried to release some by dancing in cubicle. Sean called me a dork. I patted his belly and told him he should dance with me. He called crazy. I've said it once and I'll say it again. I'm not crazy.

Amanda and me got to share break today. God I feel like I'm so far away from her. When we sat next to each other, we'd talk all the time, to the eventual point they had to seperate us. Now I never get a chance to see her. Her bachorlette party is coming soon. I can't wait. I haven't had a good stiff drink for a little while. I really could use one.

Too bad I have nothing further to say.
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