August 20th, 2003

You best jump far

Rice rocket

I'm driving home from work and I get the straight away near the cemetary and two guys are coming at me on rice rockets doing wheelies. No biggie. One puts his bike down and tries it again. But he went up to high and wiped out right as I'm passing him. I freaking nearly hit the bastard.

OMG- I just turned on the TV and turned it to E!. Dominic was on. (and Elijah and Sean) BUT DOMINIC was on...OMG!!! I love that sexy voice. I love it. Just *sighs* love it.

Reality sets in and I blush. I cannot get out of this mood, I cannot get out. I just want to be found. I just want to suceed. I am on my own. My ego trifled.
I do to my body what has been done to my soul.
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