August 21st, 2003

You best jump far

poet and prophet

The air conditioning went out around 2pm today at work. I thought for sure I'd pass out. The temparture must have gotten up to 90 in the building. Now I have a wicked migrane. There is just so much shit I've had to deal with today. Freaking idiots on the phones. I suddenly get made responsible for Sean's mistakes. GRRRRR!

I'm trying not to bite my nails. Doing well on the left hand. My right hand- well- that's another story.

Only 5 more days to TTT. I am so anxious.

Saw a cricket today. It was kinda funny. Amanda touched it and jumped over Nilda's head and onto Mike. Us being the consumate females, screamed and beginning giggling. It was funny. It was too.

I made few more icons. I joined the photoshopless community. I just need to post what I got. Some aren't too bad, I don't think. I need some better software. What I have won't let me zoom. I can crop- but I end up with a white border. I'm getting better. I also need to learn how to lj cut. I need some new pictures. I'm like obsessed with the ones from "An Insomniac's Nightmare".
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