August 28th, 2003

You best jump far

(no subject)

Ken (my ex) came by the house today to clean the fish tank. We didn't fight. Surprisingly. Had an interesting conversation though. He was eyeing all my stuff. The color in my tattoo, my lap top, the surround sound, ect...
He asked me where I've been getting all this money to buy stuff. I told him it's easy now that I don't have to support his sorry ass. He mumbled and told me I need to get out more. I told him I prefer to live inside my head. He asked "why do you live inside your head? Why don't you live in the real world?". I scoffed "the real world? it's full of more pain and delusion then I am."
he laughed. I was serious, but I also find it rather amusing.

That's it for now.