August 29th, 2003

You best jump far

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Well I had to this because I wanted to know.

viggorli result
Congrats (and I mean it)! You're Orlando, Viggo and
a shitload of paint! You make this world a much
better place, despite the fact that you're a
romantic fool.

what kind of typical lotr rps sex scene are you?
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I don't think it's really me, but ahh what the hell- Viggo and Orli - I'd live. they may not- but eh.

So anyhoo- Got my David Blaine Fearless DVD. What a fucking beautiful hunk of magical mystery. Goodness that man is gorgeous and I swear- an alien or something. The tricks he does- card tricks and levitating off the ground- is just unbelievable. I'd probably have an asthma attack if I saw him doing that shit in person.

Darnell called. Sean and Sharlene aren't going be able to go over to his apartment Sunday. I'm still gonna go. He said he is gonna make salmon. (this should be interesting) And we're gonna rent a movie. -- He suggested LOTR. He asked me if I like LOTR. I was like- "you're kidding, right?" - Oh I forgot to mention. Even though I had called Columbia House on Tuesday, they told me they didn't have my pre-order for TTT. Guess what I got in the mail yesterday. That's right! TTT. Now I have two copies- I told Darnell I would give him the other copy.

that's all for now...
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