September 12th, 2003

You best jump far

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Stole this from ayngil .. She told me I could.

I am: Free
I think: therefore I am
I know: I need a life
I want: everything
I can: do anything I set my mind too.
I wish: the above statement were true
I have: a piranah named Jack
I hate: my ex
I miss: Genna
I fear: what my life has come to.
I feel: like a fraud
I hear: everything
I smell: bacon
I crave: peace
I search: for what I don't have.
I wonder: why do all the good people die
I hope: that there is more to life
I long: for sanity
I care: more then I should
I always: fuck up
I am not: crazy. Really.
I believe: life has to get better
I dance: badly.
I sing: not so badly
I'll never: have children. I've accepted this.
I confuse: everybody
I realize: that I have potential
I listen & give advice: even when I should just keep my mouth shut.
I can usually be found: in front of this computer, on my futon, or at work
I am scared: of nearly everything

Nicked from daliahellyes

You don't really like traditions. So no wedding
dress for you but pants 'cause you're a woman
of the future.

What's the perfect wedding dress for you? (pix)
brought to you by Quizilla

Believe it or not I actually like this style

Watched the promo for the Duplex with Drew Barrymore and Ben Stiller and one bit was where Drew comes out with little stool and Ben sits in. Drew says "it's a stool". And Ben says, "what are we? Hobbits?" - Ha ha. I got a kick out of that.

Well John Ritter died. Johnny Cash died. Futurama is dead. What is this world coming too?
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