September 21st, 2003

You best jump far

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Didn't go to the Faire today. Andrea blew me off- Second year in row she's done that. 4th time she's blown me off for something. Hurt me once shame on you, hurt me twice, shame on me. Hurt four times, I'm a bleeding idiot.

I spent the day doing laundry, and scrubbing down the walls in my bed room. I seriously need to quit smoking- that was so gross.

I rented "Phone Booth". Bloody brillant. Colin is quite the hottie. He just needs to wax the eye brows a bit...

I am eating way too many hot peppers lately. I finished two jars in three days. O^O.

My brother's father in law died. I had only met him at the wedding. He was a nice guy. so Wednesday evening I will be at the wake.

I need a holiday. A long holiday.
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You best jump far

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I currently have 8 cigarettes left in my pack. I made a promise tonight. I am hoping I'll get some support from the rest of you all. When I finish this pack. that's it. no more. I'm done.

Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it.

Thanks to desertgoddess for her words that made me realize- I really cannot continue smoking. My brother's father in law died yesterday- he was a smoker. My dad has mesothelima (sp?) - smoking aggravated. My room reeks- my clothes reek, my teeth are stained. It's a disgusting habit. I've wanted to quit for a while. Why wait? Wait till I'm sick. or wait till I can't afford it. No- I'm doing this now...
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