September 27th, 2003

You best jump far

We have lift off.

Ok- I made a layout back ground that I somewhat like. - It however doesn't translate to my friends page - so I might keep working. I don't know. I've been reading more stuff on advanced customizations and it's so far over my head. But I want something unique, but I lack any original ideas. I mean I love my Dominic theme- I do. But I'm just not very creative. Froda- I may be seeking your assistance sometime soon.

So anyway.... the Red Sox are in the playoffs. Big whoop. I should have home town (state) pride, but let's face it we're cursed.

Can any of my British friends tell me why you all have something against David Blaine? So this isn't his best or most spectacular stunt, but he's trying something no one else has done. Why do people gotta be so mean to him?

I twisted my knee when I slipped down some stairs. I already had problems with it, now it just kills. It's so swollen- it's hot to the touch. Ouch.

Stel- sorry we didn't finish our conversation. I was looking forward to hearing your ideas. I'm really into this script. I look forward to more updates. =)

I downloaded the RotK trailer from tonight. My, my. I cannot wait for this movie. I cannot wait till December.

Gotta get up early tomorrow- today- whatever. My brother is bringing over a new mattress for my parents. And of course- neither will be home. Only little ol' me. So no sleeping in for me. It's not like it was gonna happen anyway, but still.

I think that's it. I probably could write more. But it's not like you all read this anyway.
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You best jump far

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Ok- I've been up for an hour and my brother still isnt here.

the bastard.

And now I check my friends page and the pictures show there now. they didn't last night. Maybe I will keep this one for a little while.

It's foggy outside.

I haven't seen the kittens lately. I hope they're ok. they were so cute- I should have taken pictures while I had the chance.
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You best jump far

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News Flash
- Oxy Clean doesn't clean grout like it does in the commercials.

My brother finally showed up 2 1/2 hours after he said he would. We got a nice new coffee table. My mom get a new a chair for her the reading/computer room.

I got some cleaning to do. then I'm gonna sit down and watch a movie.
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You best jump far


I got a new icon courtesy of bleedskint - Dominic hands. Yummy.

Today is the slowest day. I have been up for what seems like forever. I cleaned the house pretty much top to bottom and still feel like i got nothing done.

There no real news today. just feel the need to write. But yet I sat infront of my novel for hour and wrote three lines. My mind is ---cked up like that.

I so need to get a life. I'm so bored.
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