September 30th, 2003

You best jump far

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What a day. Started the retailer survey and actually got some pretty positive feedback. Which was kinda a surprise.

I've been having really weird dreams lately. Very weird.

I really need to get a doctor, my knee is killing me. Ever since I slipped down the stairs. Ex was here today. I didn't see him, thankfully.

I was gigling most of the day, "Mary a duck Brandy Buck"- I don't know why it's so amusing.

I think David and I offended people at work. He's teaching me to sign and he won't talk to me- he signs. So nobody else knows what he says. I think they think he's talking about him. I'm getting better. What I don't know, he spells. Then repeats the sign. I'm learning more each day.

Charades- four words
He smiles
ruffle that hair- please
Ed Norton. Cool.
Dominic tongue- damn that tongue is long
Ok I understand the hair- but dude- get another jacket
I bet there was a lot of laughter and fun going on.

I could have lj cut- but f---k it- I didn't wanna. besides- you've all see the images by now I'm sure. If not click here . I only choose the ones I really liked. Dominic smiles. I can't get over it. When he smiles his whole face lights up. That makes me smile. He needs to smile more.

That's it. That's all I wanna share. You can't get anymore from me. I'm spent.
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