October 2nd, 2003

You best jump far

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New icon courtsey of daliahellyes

Nicked from mindmangler

Your karmic zodiac is SAGITTARIUS.
Good Qualities: You are very perceptive to what
others don't see. You are a student of the
unknown, and have incredable foresight. Jupiter
as your ruling planet shows that you like to
expand your horizions, and learn new things.
You enjoy travel, and are independent. You
would be excellent running your own buisness,
as you are good at managing money.
Bad Qualities: You tend to pinch your pennies, and
some view you as a miser. You tend to give
advice where it is not needed, even though it
is good advice.
Best Matches: Sagittarius, Aquarius
Best to Avoid: Cancer, Gemini

What's your Karmic Zodiac Sign?
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Hey Stel - FISHIES!!!!

My name is Lala and I am an addict.
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You best jump far

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I made my first gif. I like it- I wanna use it- but damn livejournal won't let me. it's under 40k. I don't understand what the stinking problem is. *kicks livejournal. kicks computer. kicks self*

Anyhoo- this is it...ya like it?
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