October 13th, 2003

You best jump far

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It's called boredom - get over it...
I'm not gonna cut because frankly- I don't wanna...

Hanging. This is most like you because you want to
make somewhat of a spectacle out of your death.
It shows that you are organized and cool headed
because you had to slip the noose over your
neck, then actually hang yourself. This is an
almost painless way to go...you may not dislike
pain but you prefer no pain. You are different
than gun shot in that you are not impulsive and
you have thought this through thoroughly.

What Form Of Suicide Are You?
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I saw it- had to take it. Not sure I agree with the answer.
this lifes not going to good...

I think I need another..

You're Water! Your mood changes each second! Calm
and tranquil one minute and in a rage the next.
You love long and deep and can be taken
advatage of for that. You tend to take life and
people a tad too serious and that's one reason
for your moody disposition. You worry alot
about those you love but it's all part of your
charm. Don't worry, people love you for it!
Love: Earth/Light/Dark/Ice
Hate: Fire/Wind

The Non-Obvious Elements Personality Quiz
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Yeah and I'm sinking...

Your soul is bound to the Eleventh and final
Totem, Trinity: The White Stag

Trinity appears as a white, antlered deer. She
embodies beauty, style, charisma, and
. She is associated with the color
white, the season of spring, and the element of
fire. Her downfall is vanity.

You are most compatible with Doves and Snakes.

Which Animal Spirit Totem Are You?
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hedge witch
Hedge Witch - You are a hedge witch. You have
friends, but prefer to be alone. You never join
covens or participate in organized religion.
You have wants and needs, but you are not
attracted to what is most popular or tied down
by the constrainst of society. You practice a
magick all your own and your religion centers
more around nature than gods and goddesses.

What type of witch are you?
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I dunno- I just found them and took them...

You are in another world
You are Fantasy. You have an active and firey
imagination, and you love escaping into
strange, beautiful worlds. You're intensely
curious and dive in to new experiences with
vigour. As a result, you may sometimes be
dissconected to reality, or at least bored by
it. People see you as a dreamer, and they're
probably right. You spend a lot of time inside
your head.

Art Thou? -Your Art Style Personality
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