October 18th, 2003

You best jump far

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Amanda's getting married on Sunday. I'm excited for her. I'm excited because I get to party too.
Must go buy shoes tomorrow. oh and must remember to buy a card. Two cards. I just remembered tomorrow is parents anniversay. I think it's 34 years? Yeah. 34. WOW. that's something so rare these days huh?

That's it. That all I got for ya tonight.

I leave you with this.

It's a mad world...When does the madness end? Does it end when peace is declared? Does it end when all the people are fed? Does it end when there is no more rape and murder and violence? Does it end when there is no more political and religous debate? Does it end when we learn to love one another, looking past race, gender, and outer beauty?

The madness ends when you choose for it to end.

What do you choose?
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You best jump far

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Good morning.

What do you have planned for today?

Me? I already told you. I got do some shopping.

See ya...
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You best jump far

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I didn't get shoes like I wanted. I couldn't find anything I liked. Styles today, just so aren't me. I bought sneakers though. I needed a new pair anyway.
I obviously won't be wearing them tomorrow... but nonetheless.

I got my mom an LJ account. So I've been training her today. It's been quite the feat. I need to try and make her some nice icons. She's obessed with the dancing penguins one.

That's all I got tonight.
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