November 11th, 2003

You best jump far

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I've been writing a lot lately- which is good. I wrote a couple more pages of my novel. But I'm like totally addicted to the L&BA fic.

I probably shouldn't have pushed Stel to write Fishies so much. She failed a test. Forgive me?

One week. One week. It's going to be a long week.

Didn't go to writers group. All but two people e-mailed and said they weren't going to be there. So I figured, I'm not going either. So there.

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Time for 24. Gotta go.

BTW the icon comes courtesy of giddyarts
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You best jump far

(no subject)

Art Carney died. ---- Bummer.

I had a complete giggle fit listening to daliahellyes ... I just thought I'd mention that.

I can't wait a week. Not after tonight. So much pretty. So much pretty. So, so much pretty. *slaps wrist*

desertgoddess I did read your update. You tease- I swear. But I will not hold it against you. Yet.

is that all? ummm... I think it may indeed be.

I got so many damn icons now- I forgot what I named half of them.
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