November 13th, 2003

You best jump far

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Rae gave me 14 clementines this morning. I've eaten three already.

I had a really odd dream last night (for the few hours that I slept). I dreamt I met Dominic and Elijah. I had shook Dom's hand and got the urge to read his palm. Long happy life, harbors a secret, blah blah blah...Well Elijah demanded I read his palm. As soon as I started, I freaked out. Short life line, and faces death because of a wrong decision. I freaked because I didn't want to be the one to tell him he was living on borrowed time. But he insisted he knew already and that it was no big deal.
Then Elijah said I could make it up to him by letting post on L&BA as me. ~.^
Seriously- it was odd.

Anyway... remind me I need to upload Froda's and Sazz's things tonight. I got distracted by Billy last night.
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You best jump far

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Ok- one more for the road.

My windows sound like they are about to blow in on themselves. It's a very cold bitter wind. I need to take the air conditioner out of the window. It's almost december. (well close enough) .

I am trying to record the birthday message for Dominic. But my microphone sounds all staticy when I play it back...

I set a .wav file to alert me when a friend posts. I saved the bit from Fight Club when Brad Pitt asks Ed Norton "Where did you go pyshco boy?" And Ed replies "I felt like destroying something beautiful" ... Well I saved it a while ago and it didn't start working until tonight. ~.^ - scared the heck out of me while I watching ER and that popped on.
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