November 16th, 2003

You best jump far

Lala like

The movements are so spot on. I love Dominic. I like him with the facial hair. I'm happy now.

Watching LotR FotR on cable. However it's weird not seeing it as the extended version. I need the extended version. Well since it's the only DVD I didn't pack, I think I might pop it in. Have it playing in the background while I do some packing. I've been trying not to overload my self on the movies. I want to be able to sit through Trilogy Tuesday with antisipation and patience.
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You best jump far

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OMG. Elijah killed Ville. Totally unprepared for that ladies.

Packed some more today. Made a few more icons. Missed out on my mom's apple crisp. Bummer.

So was your day?
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