November 18th, 2003

You best jump far

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LJ went all wonky again. In less then 12 hours I've seen it twice. It's interesting to see entries dated from 1905 all the way in 2030..
Can you imagine what people from 1905 would think of the world we live in today? Computers, fast cars, all the little fancy electric gadgets that didn't exist in their time - which is a good number things...
What about people in 2030 looking back to how we lived in 2003? How much will have changed? What will life be like? will it be easier? will there be more war? Perhaps world peace? Cure for cancer, aids, maybe even insanity?

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You best jump far

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Ok Lala is not happy now. Watched the news and saw this little snippet about Jonathan Brandis dying. They haven't ruled out possible suicide. WTF? I loved him. He was sooo cute. Sure he fell out of popularity when he became an adult, but that's no reason to off yourself.

I'm gonna sulk in the corner. Wake me when the nightmare ends.
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