November 21st, 2003

You best jump far

Mama La said so

I have done it- I recorded the birthday mesage for Dominic- turned it into a wav file and am about to upload it to Patsie. I recorded a silly little poem I wrote tonight. But it works. And I think Dominic might get a kick out of it.

I'm rather proud of myself now. I hope that all you all that agreed to this birthday message the way we planned do it soon. I intro'd Pea just like Stel said to. So it's up to you all to make sure you follow suit. You know of what I speak. Now hop to it. Chop Chop!!

In the meanwhile- I am very disappointed- My dvd still has yet to arrive. I am giving it one more day. If I do not have it tomorrow. I am buying it. I cannot stand not having it!!! My patience is wearing thin.

I need to get a battery for my camera. I promised pix of Jack for Mandi. He's quiet content now that he has food. But I think he feels a little overwhelmed. He went from nothing to three dozen goldfish...

I saw Billy on the big screen today. Yes I did. I know I mentioned it before- but I was quiet impressed with the movie. Though I have to admit, I didn't understand some of what was being said. A combination of accents and soft dialogue didn't help with the background noise from the ship. I thought it all looked fairly realistic. The surgery scene were a little difficult to stomach and I will forever be saying "the lesser of two weevils"... I thought that was hilarious.

So I have obviously decided against NY. Not right now. I haven't the heart to part with the amount of money I would expect to spend there. So - I will plan a more appropriate trip after the new year. Just because I really do want to go. But I have decided I do want to spend a little bit of money foolishly. (well not foolish to me- but I digress) --- I have an itch to scratch. And ink to bear. I already know what I want. sooo... Hopefully come Monday I will feel the burn. And the itch will be scratched for at least another year.

Oh and Laura--- I took your wav files down- But still have them on file. Is it ok to delete them now?
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