December 4th, 2003

You best jump far

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So I finally watched the Good Charlotte video "Hold On". Just a little depressing. For many reasons. Which I shall not get into here. Not at this time anyway.

I watched the Primetime Live special tonight. I was very impressed. Not enough Dom, but enough to give me inspiration for an icon. Which I shall work on this weekend. Seeing as how Mother Nature has opted to confine me to my new apartment. Which is fine.

I still haven't reached Ma. So instead of visisting on Saturday (ok maybe less of a visit, more of a chance to do laundry) I will go tomorrow after work. So Ma, if you're reading... pick up the damn phone and call your daughter.

I also get Licorce back tomorrow. He's my guinea pig. I had to give him away to one of my co-workers, because our last landlord was an a$$hole. With Jack being gone, Licorce will be more than welcome. However I can't really touch him--- I'm allergic. ~.^ But hey, I'll make due.

well good night all. Sweet dreams. Tomorrow the Hobbits tackle New York. Or visa versa. whatever
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    The baseline for "Seven Nation Army" pounding in my head.