December 17th, 2003

You best jump far

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I am not going to write a review cause well- it's 2am and I have to work in the morning,

I will say this -- I had a blast. My kidneys were kind. The atmosphere was great. I didn't cry. I came close. But I think there was just too much excitement the first time around. I want to see it again. NOW. But alas, I must wait.

I will also say that Stel was continuously in my thoughts, thanks to Pippin. And when I got out of the theater and started my car, I heard Zepplin. I get home and I got your card. I just thought that was funny enough to mention.

I am tired- I am going to bed. I am sure I will have sweet dreams. Or at least, that is my antis-----pation.
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You best jump far

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My experience as a whole - spoilers are behind the cut.

After I posted yesterday- I left, good thing- I forgot how long it took to get to the cinema.
There were three screens showing it. Each pretty much packed. Not ever seat was filled. Each screen started and ended at the same time- so getting to consessions was bloody hell.
We received little gifts- A stone carved frame with a still from each movie. I was so tired last night- I forgot to check which movie frames I got.
There were a few Elves and a wizard. Oddly no hobbits. Oh and one dwarf- but he wasn't dressed up.

FotR -
I had never saw it on the big screen when it first came out. I am so glad I had the chance to see it with the EE.
*Biggest laugh came from Pippin at the Council of Elrond scene.
*Mines of Moria are amazing and sound better in the cinema.
*The crowd cheered when Aragorn lopped off Lurtz's head. -first of many cheers.

*Biggest laugh came from Merry and Pippin in Sauruman's larder. Merry's burp echoed...
*My eyes actually watered at Gollum being beaten by Faramir's hench men.

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