December 23rd, 2003

You best jump far

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*pokes LJ*


I didn't post yesterday??? Huh, how odd is that now?


Chatted with my chickies last night. And Rob. Not a chickie, but still great to perve with.

Read palms, and what not.


Got a letter from minilala . I feels special. Hell I feel special having someone refer to themselves as a mini version me. Some people might think that's scary. But I think it's totally cool.


People at work drive me bonkers. This one lady Karen- laughs just like Fran Dresher, and it echoes through the call center. Annoying.


I'm sure I will have more later. Today seems like it's going to be a long day.

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You best jump far

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ash0pelican  said this about my co-worker who laughs like Fran Desher and how the people I talk to on the phone react upon hearing it.

Customer: What the hell is that?
Lala: Oh just nothing...I'm very sorry...what do you need help with again?
Customer: I can't remember--the laugh shattered all of my remaining brain cells.
Lala: ohh, um I'm Sorry?


LMAO  because it is so true. So very annoyingly true.

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You best jump far

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Nicked from cleanbc

Ha ha

Nicked from elanthis - bringer of so much Dominic goodness-- I am going to make you a new icon soon- to show my appreciation.
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