January 9th, 2004

You best jump far

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Hinting around in one post is funny, hinting around in every other post is boring.

Attention craving people make for boring reading


I rec'd that message from an anonymous user in my last post.

First off, Can I just say that I am not hinting around at anything. I was in a really good mood last night and I wanted to spread the love.

As far as boring reading. if you read my bio, I state very plainly about my life and what it consists of.  What you see is really what you get... if I bore you, please remove me. I love having friends, but if I offend or bore anyone with my posts, don't stick around. Don't feel obligated to stay.

Ok. I'm still happy.  =P

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You best jump far

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hello my lovelies... my.. you're looking mighty well this evening... are you doing well? I am...

I chatted with the chickies and Rob this evening. Pea cracks me up. Stef is not a dog.. however I came in the middle of that so I'm just stating my opinion. Poor Stel and her virgin eyes... . Mini-Lala will make a great therapist one day.

I thank you all for your support for the last few months. You have been all my family. You made remember the beauty in this world. I cannot stress that enough. I want you all to be happy. I want that so very much. You all make me happy.

That's all I wanted to say.
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