February 4th, 2004

You best jump far

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Ok, so after chinese food last night Sharlene and I hang a picture and put the doors back on the hutch. I got to use my new power drill. I broke the flat head bit trying to get it out of the packaging. Luckily the phillips head bit was what was needed for the job.

Then we went online, I showed her my journal and my site. She can appreciate my obsessions. She doesn't understand them, but she can appreciate them.

She missed Sean, so she was very touchy feely, which was fine by me, I needed to be hugged.

After that, we went searching for bridesmaids gowns, because she is having second thoughts with the one she intially chose. There was one I really like. She'll try and get Christine to try it on and check the color swatches again.

And, I feel proud. I helped her find the wedding song. The first dance. She had an idea of what she wanted, something old, to stay with the theme. (there is like a 1940's motif to the wedding) So she suggested "At Last". Now I love Ella Fitzgerald, but her version isn't my favorite.
I happened to have Cyndi Lauper's version, which she loved, which she borrowed the cd to play for Sean.

Sleeping was interesting. Now I haven't slept in the same bed with anyone for almost two years, so feeling the body heat of another person was weird. She grinds her teeth. Badly. It's amazing she hasn't broken any teeth in her sleep.

So over all, my first sleep over in my new place went off without much of a hitch.
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