February 19th, 2004

You best jump far

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*kicks tripod*

If any of you all had anything hosted by me- sorry, but my monthly limit of bandwith was exceeded. *grumbles* Stupid thing said back in 24 hours, it won't.

Can you believe I have had more visitors since my site has been down, then when it was up? ~.^ 209 yesterday alone.

I can't afford more bandwith... *cries*

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You best jump far

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*kicks Tripod*

Now I utterly confoozled. My site is back.

*scratches head*

On a side note- Romeo O! Romeo, where for art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name.

Sorry, had that in my head and it needed to be said. =P
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You best jump far

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Ha Ha.

David: I'm calling about your photos.

Customer: Frodo?

David: No, photos. Your photos.

Customer: Frodo doesn't live here anymore.

David: Not Frodo. Photo.

Customer: Frodo went to college.

David: I'll call back later.
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You best jump far

I had to escape


Ya know I think Lala needs a break. Or she is going to break. Amy is going settle in for a while and take care of some business. Don't give her any grief. She is a pissed off individual. She thinks that Lala has been a little too lax lately. And she would be right. This isn't Mama La we're talking about. Nuh huh. This is AMY. And she don't take no shite. And Lala has been talking it for too long now.

Amy is sick of the crap. At work, at home. She has plans. She is going to raise a little hell. So don't blame Lala. She has no control. She can only conceed power to the one.

Gentlemen, start your engines.
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