February 29th, 2004

You best jump far

wake and bake

I cannot believe that I am up so early. At least I am catching "Breakfast with the Arts" Oscar special.

But I also have a plan for today. I learned how to do something last night and I expect I will be fine toning this new skill most of the day. I hope you all can reap the benefits of this shortly.

Put a chicken in the crock pot- that will feed me the week.

Ummm... yeah.
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You best jump far

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It only took three months- but I have just officially christened my new carpet. Luckily most of the soda actually landed in the ash tray, missed my computer and blends into the carpet nicely.
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You best jump far

Oscar #2

Sharlene just called- she wanted to make sure I was watching. She thought of me everytime Dom popped on screen- She was squeeing for me, because she knows me so well.
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You best jump far

Oscar #3

Anyone want to buy me the Cold Mountain soundtrack? Those were beautiful.

Liv is freaking hot. Those glasses and the hair and the dress and her face. I need screen caps of her...If you find them- let me know.

Here we go
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