March 2nd, 2004

You best jump far

Chicken- again?

I cannot wait to get out of work- I want to see and hear Billy on Craig Kilborn and then download the new files of him singing at the party. I want to sit down and update my site. I want to watch a movie. I want to get mail. Real mail. I want a pen pal. Ooh I need stamps. I want to quit smoking for good. I want to get rid of the pocket knife. I want to take the damn GED test- but I can't afford it anymore. Well at least not for a while. I want to get laid. I want to lose weight. I want to cut my hair.

Goodness - I want to do a lot.

So much crap I've already done.

No regrets, right?


/stream of conscienceness
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You best jump far

Did you know???

That raspberry preserves cost nearly $1 more then strawberry...?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

I'm in a Billy mood today. I cannot stop listening to Billy singing. Yeah.
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    Billy -Oh Jean