March 12th, 2004

You best jump far

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I had weird dreams last night. What else is new? I slept all wonky and now my neck is sore. We had a nice snow squall for like five minutes, couldn't see a bloody damn thing. Then the sun was shining again. Now it's snowing again. Make up your mind Mother Nature. I stubbed my toe this morning and now there's this hole on my baby toe. I wanted to read my flist, but most is blocked by the damn firewall. So I shall have to try an entertain myself. My stomach is growling. I guess I'm hungry. I messed up and forgot to tape Conan. The girl who sits next to me is so freaking loud. I just want to go home and crawl back into bed and try to forget today even happened.
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You best jump far

Creative juices

Arthur - me- lalablue

Pairing - implied Dom and Billy

Rating - PG-13 for self injurious behavior

Disclaimer- It's not real. It's fiction. Or is it?

Notes- unbeta'd, 210 words. Everyone had an opinion on the marks on Dom's wrist at the Oscars, this is mine.

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