April 9th, 2004

You best jump far

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They're moving my cubicle. Well not the cubicle itself- just the contents therein. I had to take all my Dominic pictures down. =( I'm losing all the space I have in the section I'm in. My plants have to stay down in the old area- because my new area has no windows. =( I'll lose my voice mail till next week. Which I'm on vacation, so I guess that's fine.


Oh well.
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You best jump far

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So what a freaking good night. Drank, laughed, smoked, drank some more. Ooh played pool and lost- but all in fun. We definately have to do it again soon.

So I came home- just now. I got a cd from nothing_to_say big *hugs* for her. I got a lighter type thingie from Marlboro. I got a birthday greeting from the car dealership I bought my car at last year (?) and I got a letter from Kim. OMG. today is just a really good day.

I'm a little drunk- not really drunk, because I can certainly drink more but I won't. I think this message is readable and slightly coherent. But then again- how the fuck would I know. And why do I care.

And VACATION. ONe whole week without stepping into that god awful place called work. ANd getting paid for it.

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