April 20th, 2004

You best jump far


I am so annoyed. My desk is finally moved. What a fiasco that turned
out to be. But of course now. No internet connection. The hard drive on
the CPU at this desk is completely fried. The person who sat here before
was an absolute slob. Spilled something like soda (very sticky) and
totally fried this box. Everyone is surprised that the box even works.

Luckily I'll be able to get my old CPU moved to this desk. I just can't
do it now.

I don't like my new area. I am not a big fan of some of the people near
me. One guy has the most nasally voice since Fran Dresher.

I'm glad I can at least post via e-mail. One day I'll set up for phone
posts- not like you all really care to her my whiney ass voice.

You best jump far

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After a crappy day at work-I come home to find a very lovely birthday card in my mailbox.

Bright candles promise a brand new year of happiness in the making, good times for the taking, and so many dreams just waiting to come true.
Make a wish.

Signed with lots of x's. =)
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Rock on Heavy Metal

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Dude 50 user pics is just not enough.

You can never have enough Dominic. But yet I don't have enough Billy, or Elijah, Liv, or hobbits, or silly icons... but alas I can only have 50. So if I make more, I have to delete more. That just sucks.

/my lame excuse to GIP.
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