May 20th, 2004

You best jump far

What a week I'm having

Tuesday I nearly dropped lunch and it splatter all over me. Last night I spilled a boxed of rice before I even started cooking it. Then today. I treated myself to a Dunkin Donuts Coolata. I never go to Dunkin Donuts. I took two sips and then dropped it.

Is this a subconscience thing or what? I think I may have to give up eating all together just to make sure the floors stay clean.
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You best jump far

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Ok. That's enough of that.

Kim and Trevor from work invited me to their memorial day cookout. Darnell is going to be there. I might just go to see him. Remind me I'll need to get some allergy medicine. Five damn cats and I'll probably die there.

Ok. I have a request. I want two songs and I can't seem to get them downloaded properly. Anyone have Dave Matthews Band's "Satellite" and Alanis Morrisette's "Everything" that they could send me?
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