June 8th, 2004

You best jump far

My poor Dommeh

I need one of those no respect icons, because he seriously gets no respect.

The so-called "movie expert" here at work, was staring at my lovely pin ups of Dominic. He says he knew whom he was. Guessed he was a hobbit. I asked if he knew which hobbit. He guessed wrong. He guessed Pippin.

I told him I was very disappointed. That too many people keep mixing them up.

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You best jump far

deja' vu

I have had some serious deja' vu issues these past days.

However it's always things I HAVEN'T actually done/said/ or experienced
before, just feels like I have.

Oh well

Time to go home now-

Whoo hoo!!
You best jump far


I must have missed this episode the first time around.

Kyan's bulge.


I just had a thought- The Fab 5 need to make over Dominic.

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