July 12th, 2004

You best jump far

It's too early in the morning for this s**t

I haven't been here for not 45minutes and people are already irking me.
Too many people wanting something for nothing. And waaaaay too
many people butchering the english language.

plus are internet is down- so I'm posting by e-mail. (thanks goodness
for different servers)

I managed one page of my friends list. Major hugs are given to the
following irradiated and little___hobbit

Note to self -
Look for MOS letter
Check weather
change for tolls
You best jump far

I love the 90's

How did I know he would speak again when it had to do with surfing? And who is Dom to talk about bad clothes? I love Dom.

God I loved 1991. That was an odd year for me. I was pretty happy. Me and my best friend were completely inseperable. I had a major fixation on NKOTB. I learned to drive. I took a road trip. I was carefree.

Yeah. Life was good then.
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