July 14th, 2004

You best jump far

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WTF? No Dom in 1994?

Let's see in 1994. I should have graduated high school... I moved out for the second time... sorta. My ex was putting me through some of the worse hell I've ever been through. We breifly had the rottiweiler he always wanted. We had crack dealers living in our house. Legal problems started.

But all in all, I had a decent year considering. I met some interesting people. I got a glimpse of the future and I fought every step of the way to change it.

in 1995- I don't remember too much about it. except I moved home and Ken did not move with me for almost a year. But I still had to drag my ass out of bed for 2am to bring his ass to work.

I really loved the 90's. I'm surprised at what my life was then compared to where I am now. I like where I am now. Except I hate this couch.
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