July 15th, 2004

You best jump far

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Well training tonight consisted of learning about scaling. I like the way they did it. They had a guy from Tufts University. I kinda hope that what I get to do. Interupt scaling.

The surprise. They got confirmation that they are going to get the 30 foot tall bigature of Barad-dur and a full size model of She-lob. Eh. I should learn not to listen to rumors.

One lady asked what we should tell visitors if they ask us to tell them something bout the actors. One girl behind me said that if they wanted to know about Orlando to send them her way. Another said if they asked about Elijah to send them her way. So of course I pipe up about Dom. The girl behind went "ewww, you like him" (like he was some sort of disease or something) I just glared at her, when all I really wanted was to punch her lights out. bitch

I'm tired. I might tape 1997, because I don't know how much longer I stay up.
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