September 6th, 2004

Run around

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I need to get moving. Kim and Trevor invited me over for yet another holiday.

I got this weird little rash on the back of my neck and it's driving me bonkers.

I colored my hair again. It's called Tawny Bronze. I put in a single purple streak this morning. Looks lovely. Riiight.

One day soon I'll finish off my roll of film and get my pictures from Laconia posted. This is why I need a digital camera. Though it feels like I'm cheating on Kodak. You know seeing as how I work for them and all.

Enough writing. I'm off already.
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You best jump far

Labor Day

THIS sounds awesome. I hope it is released here in the states, whether in cinemas or on dvd...Can they have behind the scenes of behind the scenes footage?

Anyhoo... Had a good day. Saw Darnell. We were sitting around the living room digesting when Trevor suggested that I finish playing the Lord of the Rings game that started playing on the Fourth of July. So I said ok. I'm the only girl in the room with four other guys and they were on the edge of their seats as I tried to beat the King of the Dead. Twas quite amusing.
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