September 11th, 2004

Be merry / bases by skint

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Tony Wolf is going be at the museum on Oct 9. Going be doing classes all day for orc training and sword fighting.

One of the benefits of being a volunteer is getting to see all these people coming to the museum. Like today we had people from in a place in Worcester, Ma called the Higgins Museum, the largest armor museum in the western hemisphere. They had a guys dressed in full armor and doing a demostration of various fighting moves that would have been used in the battles the middle ages.

I love this stuff. I'm such a geek.
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You best jump far

Trash can man

Just off the phone with Sharlene's sister Melissa. Now have a date for the bridal shower. October 2nd. My duty is to come up with something amusing for us to do. Like games or some sort. Anyone have any ideas (cause I sure don't).

Also I will need to borrow your radio Ma. I volunteered it.

Watching "the Stand" tonight. got through the first two parts and just started number three.

I swear nuregwen is trying to kill us all. This and this just make me squee.
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