October 20th, 2004

You best jump far

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The Musuem is inviting me back as a regular exhibit volunteer, not just special exhibits. I was hoping they would. I'm hoping they'll be flexible enough to allow me to take snow days and such.

I'm so excited.
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You best jump far

Lost tonight

Goodness it's getting very cold lately. Got the heat on. I really need to take out my air conditioner. =/

I so love those new spoiler hi-res pics for the confidence man. Guh, Sawyer is hot. Dude, did I just say that?
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You best jump far

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I never watch baseball. Why the hell am I watching now?

Oh yeah. Hometown pride.

However I might want to consider turning up the volume. I looked up and we jumped from 2 runs to 6.

Way to go Sox.


Sorry yanks02

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And how awesome is it that we will now get a full season of Lost?

My what an exciting day. Trash day, Lost day, Museum day, Observation day.

What will tomorrow bring?
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