October 28th, 2004

Rock on Heavy Metal

Never prouder to be

For years the only good sports teams we had we the Celtics and the Bruins. The Patriots and the Red Sox had been laughing stocks of the sporting community. My, how things have changed. The Pats are unstoppable. And something that I am so glad happened in my lifetime, the Sox won the world series.

I'm not much for sports. But I've never been prouder to be from Massachusetts. Here's to hoping for more championship seasons.
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You best jump far

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Gotta love Brad Durif.

On sci-fi they are showing Child's Play 2. In between commercials - they're showing Chucky in all his scarred and stitched glory. The last bit they showed was Chucky discussing what his ultimate death match would be. He goes through all the main horror baddies and says nah, his ulitmate death match would be with King Kong. Then as a side note he says are you listening Peter Jackson.

Well it amused me.
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